Auto-acclaimed Bitcoin maker’s startup receives three bitcoin cash-related patents

Auto-acclaimed Bitcoin maker’s startup receives three bitcoin cash-related patents

According to an official statement on July 11, blockchain startup nChain, which once declares himself to be Bitcoin (BTC) creator, has been given patents related to the three Bitcoin cash (BCH) by the European patent office.

Three new patents are related to the development of new technique of digital rights conservation using blockchain technology and specify the blockchain of bitcoin cash as the usual method on which dealings are displayed. “a method to verify the ownership of digital assets using distributed hash tables and a peer-to-peer distributed account holder- first patent listed in nChain’s Declaration. while the other two patents are “a method to confirm the ownership of the digital asset using the distributed hash table and a peer to peer distributed account holder.”

Nchain is a blockchain software development company, which presently creating a high-velocity enterprise that can be organized to facilitate delivery of emerging internet of transactions worldwide.

satoshi Nakamoto in 2016- predicted that 2018 will be “the year” for bitcoin, which he accepts with bitcoin cache. nchain chief scientist Craig Wright- who is notorious for declaring himself as an anonymous creator of bitcoin. The last fall, Wright, an Australian entrepreneur and computer scientist, appears to be in fact not the creator of top cryptocurrency.

Wright was prosecuted for $ 5 billion – allegedly for stealing bitcoin – by David Kleiman’s property in February 2018. Kleiman was a computer scientist and cyber-security expert, who is considered by many to be one of the developers behind the invention of bitcoin.



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