Bitcoin Prices for The First Time Reached $8k in Two Months

Bitcoin Prices for The First Time Reached $8k in Two Months

According to price index, the price of bitcoin increased and market capitazation jumped by $200 in just two hours on Wednesday. Bitcoin prices falling on May 24 and a new year’s low level of $ 5,785 on June 24, after which it started regaining momentum for a move back above $8,000, it shows an increase of approximately 40 percent since June.

Within 4 hours of the Exchange Bitcoin’s trading volume has doubled, which has increased from $ 4.9 million to $ 12.6 million, according to the data. Figures show that in the last two months, Bitcoin market capitalization dominance has also increased

According to the report bitcoin is still down nearly 53 percent from the yearly high above $17,000 seen in January.

In middle may, bitcoin accounted for 37 percent of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, now the data has increased to 47% as of press time, pushing bitcoin’s dominance to a level not seen since late December.

In particularly, Bitcoin is one of only top 10 cryptocurrency by which the market cap is seeing its growth from last 24 hours, some other major cryptocurrency has seen a fall of 1- 2 percent.


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