Bitcoin is king, again

Bitcoin is king, again

Bitcoin surged further than 40 percent over the past month, whereas the remainder of the main cryptocurrencies has stalled.

In comparison, ether decreased by 15% in the same period. Ripple has increased by 16%, yet failed to strengthen profit above the US $ 0.50. In terms of speed and scalability, Bitcoin cash was interrupted despite offering better features than the original bitcoin. It is believed that many fundamental catalysts are behind the critical performance of Bitcoin compared to the rest of this area.

SEC-regulated cryptocurrency ETFs are on the way

Many Money Managers are running to launch regulated Cryptocurrency ETFs to appeal to institutional investors. The US Watchdog Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the crypto-based exchange funds so far, but if this happens, then the decision could trigger significant institutional capital flows in main cryptocurrencies.

Why ETFs are appropriate for institutional players, there is a facility to trade a balanced portfolio. For example, asset manager Bitwise in San Francisco has filed for the launch of an ETF of ten cryptocurrencies, which will allow investors to keep a diversified, market-cap-weighted portfolio of the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies.

There is another reason which makes the ETFs very attractive for big money. ETFs is a safe way to store value on irregular crypto-investment in institutional investor’s balance sheets. Therefore, if approved, regulated cryptocurrency ETF energy may increase in the coming months.

Bitcoin is still, and so far, the major cryptocurrency adopted by the general public, despite the fact that altcoins offer more attractive and innovative features from a technology perspective.

On the other hand, the increase in the value of bitcoin and the feeling of a better field will surely increase the energy for the whole crypto-sector, although Bitcoin is not ready to be dethroned at any time.

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