Hitachi Tests Blockchain to Settle Retail Payments Using Fingerprints

Hitachi Tests Blockchain to Settle Retail Payments Using Fingerprints

A blockchain system tested by Hitachi and Telecommunication KDDI, which will solve retail payments using buyers fingerprints

According to an announcement on Wednesday, a bunch of workers from the two partners are experimenting with a coupon settlement system on deployed in a KDDI store in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district furthermore as a local doughnut shop.

Made by Hitachi, the blockchain system is combined with Hitachi’s biometric verification and the coupon system of KDDI. It wants to distribute buyers’ coupon transactions in the form of legitimate networks using their fingerprints.

Hitachi more stated that when buyers sign up for the blockchain system, they will register with their coupon credit and biometric information, which are encoded in the string of encrypted data and then stored on Blockchain.

“As a result, users will attest themselves by holding the finger on the authentication infrastructure, therefore it’s not necessary to offer a coupon at the shop, and therefore the coupon is often used even while not a smartphone.

The project is that the latest pilot check was taken by Hitachi to utilize a blockchain platform in retail transactions. Last year, the corporate also declared it’s developing a blockchain platform to providing chain businesses to manage orders And invoices in an immutable ledger.

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