Uber Co-Founder and E* Trading launch Non-Commission Crypto Trading Mobile Application

Uber Co-Founder and E* Trading launch Non-Commission Crypto Trading Mobile Application

The new crypto asset brokerage, Voyager is launching a mobile trading application with commission-free, no-minimum. This application will offer to choose popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin for commerce purpose on different exchange.

According to the report, it shows that the company has initial plan is compete with the RobinHood App because RobinHood App currently works on commission free trade for Bitcoin and other crypto and it is already popular as trading application among the people.

“Our goal is to become a trusted agent and guide users through the new world of cryptos. So, we created an open architecture platform that is fully scalable to deliver a simple and intuitive user interface,” said Oscar Salazar, a founding investor at Voyager, and the founding architect and former chief technology officer at Uber.

The company said that they have targeted the retail investor to provide an institutional grade platform that Which provides optimum performance through smart order routing technology, In favour of users.

  • That user can research and choose their favourite bitcoin for trading on the various exchange platform, tapping into the best liquidity pools with no commissions.
  • According to the Company, User have access to list of setting where they can allow alerts and social media feeds, monitor positions and also access to analytics news.

Voyager, the licensed dealer, they have initial strategy to operate in Finite number of states to trade at least 15 of the top cryptocurrencies, is still refining its exact list of offerings.


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