Accenture May Consider Using Blockchain To Confirm the Quality of Shipment

Accenture May Consider Using Blockchain To Confirm the Quality of Shipment

On Thursday, US patent and trademark office published the document, under the document. Determine certain types of qualities for the items under the proposed system and will collect details on blockchain.

According the released proposed system, the system will track the items as they are sent from one place to another, the detail of the items stored on the ledger to homologate the items status and conditions.

Devices will be participating – It could be robots and aerial vehicles, for instance – it can check the integrity of the shipment because they are taken to different places and comparing their status and Comparing position with information that is already stored on Blockchain. Information can also be tracked by driverless or other autonomous vehicles.

Process of verify the objects

When devices analysis the items and it successfully verified with details of an item by matching its properties which are already stored on blockchain data, the item will permit to continue its destination, whether that places it on shelves, onto a vehicle for further transportation or is incorporated into a further manufacturing process. The data from the current and previous stages doesn’t match, the device may order the system to return If the product and halt the payment.

According to the documents, the system will generate the alerts messages for Managers involved in the shipping process or government agencies that regulate the product. If necessary, the system manager can also call for a meeting or Request that an investigator investigates whether any product has been tampered with or changed.

Accenture and Microsoft launched a prototype of an identity-storage blockchain and is Currently working on Digital Identity related projects with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

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