Sumsung: Smartphones Are Secure More Than Laptops While Using Cryptocurrency Transaction

Sumsung: Smartphones Are Secure More Than Laptops While Using Cryptocurrency Transaction

Recently, a senior IT consultant and a contributor to Sumsung Insight, joel synder.  During the newspaper interview his said that the smartphones are secure for receiving and send payments with digital asset, more than laptops and other devices. Because of the attendance of the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

The $209 billion behemoth which dominates every main industry in South Korea, smartphones are the safest device to use when transacting using cryptocurrency.

Smartphone wallets such as Blockchain and Jacxx are mostly used to send and receive cryptocurrency assets from this application.

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) presence in mostly phone. Its works as a separate execution environment with its own storage, isolated from the device.

Hence, not even the operating system (OS) like Android can reach into the TEE and potentially initiate a6lterations in its memory. Therefore, like the Android operating system (OS) cannot even reach TEE and potentially start A6 litteration in its memory.

Any case of hacking and security violation, the attackers probably cannot break into TEE and try to steal data such as private key of cryptocurrency wallet because TEE is completely independent from the device.

Hard disk and SSD, is possibility of steal vital financial information with including data of cryptocurrency wallets, these kind of storage units in laptops or computers. Using laptop and others devices, which could cause loss of funds and holdings stored in digital assets.

The Cornell research team went further than using the native TEE environment in smartphones, and built a technology called Teechan on top of TEEs present in the CPUs and Software Guard Extensions of Intel.



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