Ethereum Is Testing Code for Its Next Hard Fork

Ethereum Is Testing Code for Its Next Hard Fork

Ethereum inventers are already implementing codes for Constantinople, which are the next system-wide upgrade of the network.

According to stakeholders during the core developer meeting on Friday, the second part of the upgraded series, to make the Ethereum network more efficient and less expensive in terms of fees for the Ethereum network, will be active sometime before October’s Devcon4 Ethereum conference.

A loose roadmap for the upgrade is also suggested. Under that roadmap, the implementation phase continues until August 13, after which there will be the two-month trial, which includes Constantinople specific test network.

Various customization will be included in the upgrade to make the platform more efficient and less expensive in terms of fees. Constantinople is the second part of the two-part series of the following upgrades at the stages of the Byzantium, which was activated last October.

According to the meeting, a total of four Ethereum improvements upgrades are being implemented by inventors. Peter Szilágyi, a chief developer of the Geth, said that he has already implemented most of the changes.

Some upgrades reaching the implementation phase EIP 210, which restructures how the block hashes are stored on Ethereum, and EIP 145, which increases the speed of arithmetic in the Ethereum virtual machine.

At least as far as mining problem is concerned – a controversial subject in which the issuing model of Ethereum has been considered and which has different effects on different stakeholders – no decision has been taken so far.

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