Thailand’s Movie Theater Operators Are Accepting the Crypto Payments

Thailand’s Movie Theater Operators Are Accepting the Crypto Payments

According to the report, Thailand’ largest movie theater operators promoted the creation of the ecosystem of virtual payments, by collaboration with country’s Swiss payment company Rapidzpay.

Thailand’s movie theatre chain, reportedly that Integrating alleged payment so that customers can get permission to pay for their services and products along with movie tickets and popcorn, including cryptocurrency.

Thailand has started regulating trading related to crypto. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has begun Acceptance of license from the crypto operator.

Traders can use the Rapidz point-of-sale system to accept cryptocurrency well as to accept the Fiat currency. “Major and Rapidzpay will integrate cryptocurrency payments into established payment gateways to make payment for Major products and services more seamless, secure and efficient.”

The major group did not proclaim that which cryptocurrency will be they accepted, Iso and android rapidpay application supported the coins currently include bitcoin, bitcoin-chash and Litecoin.

The Major Cineplex group believes that rapidpay will amplify our other trade and lead the change for Thailand’s financial ecosystem to be cashless,” the marketing director Mr. chanya tamrongweenichai gave this statement.

The Secretory General in Security and Exchange Commission, Mr Rapee Sucharitakul released the note. In the note rupee sucharitakul   quoted that the security and exchange commission, Thailand is begun Acceptance of license from the crypto operating.



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