List of Leading Companies Accepting Bitcoin

List of Leading Companies Accepting Bitcoin

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has its own importance in the market. Cryptocurrency can be very beneficial in some businesses in helping to big transformation for manage payments. In the future Cryptocurrency will play an important role in world economy and then as a business it will become an adopter and will start accepting crypto payments. According the futurist Mr. Thomas Frey Predicted that cryptocurrency will going to displace roughly 25% of national currencies by 2030.”

Here are just some of the many global businesses are already supporting cryptocurrency payments:

  • Microsoft: user can purchase content on Xbox and windows stores using bitcoin.


  • Wikipedia: This free encylopedia is accepting donation through cryptocurrency.


  • Virgin Garlactic: the company is accepting bitcoin for space travel. The ticket cost $250,000 or 37 bitcoins – at a rate of $6756/BTC


  • Save the Children: this charity is world’s leading children charity and they accept donation in bitcoin.


  • OkCupid: this is a popular dating site this site provide extra function for user with bitcoin payment.


  • Cheapair: Accepts payment for flights through bitcoin.


  • Lionsgate Films: the production studios are using a payment method via Gocoin.


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