First Computers, Then Smartphones, Now Television Bitcoin Mining

First Computers, Then Smartphones, Now Television Bitcoin Mining

One of the world’s second-largest company Canaan Creative, which is Create bitcoin mining rigs. Canaan Creative was Found by NG Zhang in 2013. and it is known for large-scale chips designed for bitcoin mining. Canaan is generating innovation in bitcoin mining, it establishes new records and reveals that they will make the world’s first bitcoin mining television.

Bitcoin Mining Giant Canaan is offering personalized mining rigs to its consumers in the comfort of their homes. The Television called AvalonMiner and its equipped with a built-in bitcoin mining chip, which includes Android capability for mobile control.

AvalonMiner Inside has a processing power of 2.8 trillion hashes per second. Its most powerful mining machine can process 11 trillion hashes per second.

According to the mining company, the AvalonMiner Inside is powered by artificial intelligence and has a voice feature. The tv can also calculate Bitcoin mining profitability in real-time. Whatever digital currency the user earns can be used to buy entertainment content or physical gifts through Canaan’s platform.

The launch of the TV set is part of the company’s plan to build a broader user base. They also plans to make home appliances as part of the next generation of blockchain technology. Distribution will be carried out to businesses that will, in turn, sell to customers.

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