NYSE Trader Following Bakkt Launch

A New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trader told Yahoo Finance in an interview on August 3 that at the moment, Bitcoin (BTC) is “very iffy” after the launch of a new regulated BTC Exchange Bakkt by Intercontinental Exchanges (ICE). , The parent company of NYSE.

Today ICE announced its plans to set up Microsoft Cloud-Leveraged “Open and Regulated, Global Ecosystem for Digital Assets”. First cases would be for business and conversion of BTC vs. Fiat currencies.

The ICE says wants to design Bakkt to “support the transaction flow” in the $ 270 billion digital asset market, and its “safe” and “efficient” order progress.

Wall Street is changing the spirit of investors in relation to Digital properties. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who repeatedly said that BTC “is not for them” said that a dedicated research team was investigating how Goldman could provide a range of cryptocurrency based products due to customer demand.

Last month, the world’s largest exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider Black Rock announced the formation of an occupying group to assess participation in Bitcoin. A spokeswoman said that the company “is looking for Blockchain for many years”, he did not mention cryptocurrency.

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