Brian Armstrong: Coinbase Signed Up 50,000 Users per Day

Brian Armstrong: Coinbase Signed Up 50,000 Users per Day

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said in an August 14 interview with Bloomberg that he was signing up to 50,000 users per day.

Speaking at the Bloomberg Players Technology Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, Armstrong said that “technology [bitcoin] is going through a series of bubbles and improvements, and every time this happens, it is in a new plateau.” He said that “the expectations of the people are on the whole map, but the real world is going to adopt,” explaining that he sees “the real world is constantly growing every year.”

When asked about their expectations for the initial coin offer (ICO), Armstrong said that the ICO is “an important innovation in the world” because they provide people around the world the opportunity to raise money for new enterprises, Without relying on the individual network of angels investors. “It’s a big success,” he said.

There are legal questions to consider, Armstrong said that he is expected to continue the trend of the ICO and said that “the ICOs are breaking records of all the crowdfunding.” Armstrong said that Coinbase helped clients to trade 150 billion dollars of digital currencies.

Earlier this week, the Coinbase announced the annual management fee of the other index funds to be reduced by 2 to 1 percent for “all new and existing investors” so that “to attract investors who are familiar with lower-fee Index Fund. ” On the day, the exchange also announced that the index fund was refinanced to include Ethereum Classic (ETC) after the official listing of Altcoin on Coinbase last week.

Last week, Coinbase successfully renewed its money transmitter license in the Wyoming state. Due to the conditions in the state law, the license was suspended, for which all the exchanges require “double reserve” of digital assets of state residents with fiat currency.

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