Reality Shares Set to Launch $100 Million Crypto Hedge Fund, After Its First Ever Blockchain ETF

Reality Shares Set to Launch $100 Million Crypto Hedge Fund, After Its First Ever Blockchain ETF

The issuer of an asset management firm and Blockchain Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), Reality Shares, is reportedly planning to launch a $ 100 million crypto hedge fund.

In January, in particular, shortly after the start of its blockchain-ETF, the small asset manager, Investment Company’s assets under the management grew by more than $ 100 million.

More than 100 crypto hedge funds in 2018

According to a source working with a private-owned firm, the $ 25 million crypto hedge fund has been committed so far, which has been kept at $ 100 million.

which is capped at $100 million. Reality Shares’ fund preparations come at a time when over 100 cryptocurrency hedge funds are expected to be launched in 2018, as noted by Crypto Fund Research.

In spite of the decline in the Crypto market of more than $ 600 billion since January, it seems that the unstable capital of virtual currency ecosystem is still on track for the match, or even more, the 150+ crypto hedge fund was launched last year.

More than $ 28 million only 28 crypto hedge funds

Although it seems that there is considerable investor interest, the crypto industry is still “struggling really” with capital, as indicated by blockchain investor Milteam Demiers. Specifically, by looking at numbers by Crypto Fund Research it indicates that currently only 28 crypto hedge funds are more than $ 100 million under management.

Wall Street Firms Getting Serious About Crypto

The interesting thing is that even though Goldman Sachs is criticizing digital currencies, it is still planning to launch a crypto trading desk. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) recently proclaimed that it will launch its own Digital Asset Trading Platform called Bakkt.


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