Reddit Co-Founder Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Current Price Slump

Reddit Co-Founder Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Current Price Slump

Regardless of the decline in current news, the popular news and forum site Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is excited about Bitcoin. His optimistic thoughts come on the future of Bitcoin because he moves from reddit to more venture capital initiatives, which include investment in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency companies.

Following the acquisition of Reddit by conde Nast Parent company, he is gradually getting rid of his day-to-day duties on the online platform. The 35-year-old is looking forward to investing in more cutting edge technologies, including InstaCart and driving car company Cruise itself. He is moving forward in the cryptocurrency industry, along with a large amount of bitcoin, is also getting investment in the Cryptocurrency Exchange coinbase.

Ohanian is optimistic about his investments on both a fiscal and personal level, explaining that his new job as the head of his venture capital firm, Initialized Capital, allows for better family discussion with his wife, tennis star Serena Williams.

Ohanian is optimistic about his investment at both a financial and personal level, stating that his new venture capital firm, as the head of Initial Capital, would allow his family to discuss better family discussions with his wife, tennis star Serena Williams.

Speaking about the initial capital, Ohanian said:

“I wanted a lot of time for the initial stage founders to be the ‘first check’ in the initial. It is very fun, obviously and it is always meeting new founders, learning about the future, and sometimes it moves my sleeve. ”

The Future of Ohanian Bullish and Cryptocurrency on Bitcoin

Regardless of the current price drop in the cryptocurrency markets, despite over $ 800 billion in market capitalization in August, despite an annual decline of less than $ 200 billion, Ohanian is still incredibly confident about the future of cryptocurrency markets.

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