Hong Kong to Expedite Immigration for Blockchain Job Seekers

Hong Kong to Expedite Immigration for Blockchain Job Seekers

Hong Kong is demanding to attract global talent with specifications in innovative technologies, including Blockchain, through a special immigration policy.

The Hong Kong government released a talent list on Tuesday, which included a series of 11 businesses, which are now eligible for bonus points when experts in these areas apply for the city’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS).

One of the areas “dedicated to innovation and technology experts, but not limited to … artificial intelligence, robotics, distributed account technologies, biometric technologies and industrial/chemical engineering, etc.”

For the selection process of the plan, applicants need to get several fundamental before being awarded a number of points under one of two point-based tests: General Points Test and Achievement-Based Points Test.

The Government said in the declaration “For the applicants who meet the specifications of the relevant profession under the talent list, the bonus points will be given under general marks test of QMAS.”

In order to achieve qualification in the field of innovation and technology, blockchain professionals need to have a degree with experience of how to apply blockchain in significant firms and financial services in the field.

This effort comes at a time when the Hong Kong government is leading the blockchain to promote city competitiveness in financial technology.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the central bank, is ready to create a distributed account network among many banks in this area to facilitate a transaction in business finance.

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