Chinese Company Plans to Repurpose US Defense Department Facility for Crypto Mining

Chinese Company Plans to Repurpose US Defense Department Facility for Crypto Mining

A Chinese-centric investment company based in Nevada has identified all the major cryptocurrencies for their plans to revive the facility of the U.S department on mining, because of the power supply and safety, the facility meets all the company’s needs.

Wuhan General Group(China) Inc. considers it an opportunity to set
up a new industry standard in security stability and safety measures while mining cryptocurrencies and the company’s CEO Ramy Kamaneh believes.

“We planned to make this operation three months ago, but with the recession’s cryptocurrency markets, we withdrew one step to regain our strategy. the decision to wait for market stability was a good one, in particular, many cryptocurrency machines are not considered profitable in the current market. We worked in the best interest of the company and its shareholders and firmly believed that the market is starting again.
said Ramy Kamaneh.”

The more than 3MW facility – formerly the Defense Department Data Center – will according to the company relaunch at the right time to bolster the company’s crypto-mining division in getting the most flexibility and scalability in mining the cryptocurrencies.

Upon completion of the talks, the first weight of the mining rig is ready to be touched at the end of October, after which more in the months. The facility’s power supply is capable of supporting a total of 1300 mining rigs and upgrades for 3MW during the year 2019(it will support 12,000 and rigs), the company estimates that in first 1300 rigs the monthly revenue is 3,5 million dollars are estimated.

The Wuhan General Group (China) located in Nevada believes that this ventures will increase the price and open gaps for innovation in the field and it will start that it is planning to follow the strict standard in the areas of security and safety.

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