Circle Survey Finds Twice As Many Men Invest in Cryptocurrencies As Women

Circle Survey Finds Twice As Many Men Invest in Cryptocurrencies As Women

A new survey found that one in four millennials is interested in investing in cryptocurrencies next year.

The Crypto Payment Startup Circle organized a survey of more than 3,000 people this weekend, found that most of the Millennial people consider themselves “aggressive” in technology. Other demographic members, including Generation X and Baby Boomers, were also voted.

The Goldman Sachs-supported payment platform used the survey monkey to collect its results, although it only publishes responses from users who are identified as “aggressive investors”.

In particular, the results showed that compared to women cryptocurrencies invested about two times more. Forty percent of the male Millennials, 34 percent of men and 16 percent of male identifiers in X were seen in property classes such as cryptocurrencies, 27 percent of millennial women vs. 19 percent of generation women and 9 percent female baby boomers.

Different, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the survey found that the investors grow, the percentage of “aggressive” investors falls to 6500 million to 65 percent of the baby boomers.

Women in the crypto space are minorities, this insight is not novel. Social trading platform, eToro surveyed its users in May last, with its report revealing that only 8.5 percent of all users were women. As of March, the company had more than 9 million users.

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