TRON Foundation Burns Fifth Batch of ERC20 Tokens

TRON Foundation Burns Fifth Batch of ERC20 Tokens

In a blog post on September 13th, the TRON foundation said that they burned 4.9 billion TRON token ERC20 tokens. The foundation’s fifth token burning event was designed to further facilitate a transition from Ethereum to the mainnet.

According to the 13 September blog post from TRON Token, the TRON foundation has burned 4,917,487,036.059613 ERC20 tokens. The latest burn, who purpose was to help facilitate the transaction from Ethereum blockchain, now the company has burned the old ERC20 token, now represents the fifth time.

Another Token Burn Event For TRON

The foundation said token that the token migration was still going on, but explained that they will keep ‘Tronics’ up to date on upcoming news. the foundation gave the statement on 13th September through the blog post. TRON also provided publicly burned records for viewing on Etherscan

According to the blog post, TRON noted hoe their mainnet runs smoothly, writes how 1058 nodes around the world.

After raising the question about the process, many people in the cryptocurrency community explained the wallet policy and released a post in the middle at the end of August.

TRON: Always In The News

While the announcement of the burning of TRON token always starts making headlines, the foundation has been quite active in many other areas too.

On September 6th, TRON said that some their trade was now available at crypto and pride lifestyle store, Available products add TRON T-shirts, Polo an iPhone Cases.

Just after about a week, virtual asset exchange Bittrex said they would launching US Dollar markets for TRON on September 17th.

TRON also bought peer-to-peer leading BitTorrent for a $140 million report at the end of July. the acquisition was announced as a major moment for the foundation because BitTorrent has about 100 million active users in various types of services.

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