McAfee 2020? Crypto Enthusiast Continues To Test Out Political Ambitions

McAfee 2020? Crypto Enthusiast Continues To Test Out Political Ambitions

Before losing to New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, in 2016, John McAfee was not a stranger to the presidential elections, who had sought the Libertarian Party nomination in 2016.

McAfee has proclaimed the intention to try again for the Oval Office in 2020, but has been somewhat quiet about his political ambitions until recently, when he polled Twitter followers about his party choice.

The Cryptocurrency enthusiasts questioned If he can still get support, if he decides to participate in 2020 in front of Libertarian instead of his party.

A Campaign On The Horizon?
The polls closed with about 7,748 votes, and 57% of respondents said That if they participate under their party then they will follow them in the next election.election.

Recently, McAfee Tweeted out an article from CryptoNewsReview that had “notes on my second upcoming Presidential run.”

During the News interview, talking about the cryptocurrency industry at the age of President Trump, he has not been embarrassed about some of his political beliefs.

McAfee wrote that he thinks that President Trump will be helpful after joining them, and he shared his views on how the overall administration is supporting cryptocurrency and its adoption “will help more than any democratic administration. ”

A Man of the People
In the above two Tweets posted by McAfee, he also took time to give a statement to the followers and to answer politically slated questions.

Most of his replies were thanking those who said that they would follow him, But he also admitted with a commentator who said that the most important thing is to “use the platform of the Presidential contest to discuss cryptocurrencies.”

Answering another commenter, who had asked to donate, McAfee stressed that “I will need no money, but thank you. I only need open minds.”

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