US Dairy Farmers to Trial Blockchain in Bid to Track Milk Products

US Dairy Farmers to Trial Blockchain in Bid to Track Milk Products

U.S. Dairy farmers in the market are soon tracking milk using the blockchain platform.

A farmer-owned cooperative society with more than 14,500 members of America’s Dairy Farmers (DFA) announced on Tuesday that it will increase the supply chain transparency by tracking milk products using the Blockchain platform operated by Food Tech Startup

According to the press release, consumers are expected to increase the confidence of customers in their products that consumers can be traced back to their original point of view.

vice-president David Darr said that DFA explained that this technology will test, and there is no specific application or product in it.

He explained that “consumers today want to know where their food comes from and prevent them. Prevents technology like, gives real-time data to consumers, who actually want to eliminate trust and confidence in food production”.

Walmart and Sam’s Club announced that only a day later news came that they would force suppliers of leafy green produce to store the’ emergence of their products on a blockchain platform developed by IBM.

Recently announced as an answer to E. coli fear, Walmart intends to create end-to-end traceability. This will allow both companies to return the outbreak of any potential disease to their source at present, as well as to help consumers establish whether they are at risk or not.

Unlike DFA, Walmart intends that all suppliers run a forum in mainstream production by the end of September 2019.


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