SMS Cryptocurrency Wallet CoinText Adds Support for Dash and Litecoin

SMS Cryptocurrency Wallet CoinText Adds Support for Dash and Litecoin

CoinText, the famous SMS cryptocurrency wallet service that started off supporting only the Bitcoin Cash (BCH), recently added support for two new cryptocurrencies in Canada and the United States: litecoin (LTC) and Dash

CoinText users can send encryption to anybody via mobile phone number or crypto address immediately, According to an announcement.

Its aim is to help new users onboard by making it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency because there is no need to download the app or register the account.

According to Armani, Although the service was launched particularly at BCH in March this year, now it is growing to attach other cryptocurrencies because it is “coin agnostic.”

In Notwithstanding this move, the founder of the service claimed that he still sees BCH as the “leading contender for the world’s wealth”.

Armani said that the ultimate goal of CoinText’is to “empower people to use cryptocurrency as cash.” He explained linking of LTC and dashes rather than other cryptocurrencies because the crypto community “were asking for this service for a while.”

To begin using it, users in the US and Canada have to write a specific number “start”. The service of the CoinText at BCH is already available in 20 countries with Spain, UK, South Africa, Chile, and Australia.

According to the press release, the company will soon be able to add bitcoin(BTC) and other Popular cryptocurrencies. The development comes at a time in which BCH is surging over Bitmain, a major bitcoin cash proponent, filing for an initial public offering (IPO).

This, since the flagship cryptocurrency has failed to make high altitude every time, it bounces off the $6,000 mark. It is seen by analysts as a recession. On the other hand, some, such as Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, believe that “bull market will return at any time”.

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