Experimental Vending Machine Dispenses Coca-Cola After Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) Payments Via Lightning Network

Experimental Vending Machine Dispenses Coca-Cola After Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) Payments Via Lightning Network

A Brazilian computer programmer and hardware hacker have designed a handmade automatic vending machine that accepts bitcoin (BTC) payments for Coca-Cola.
The vending machine uses Lightning Network (LN) (a second layer payment channel to enable faster transactions) to process BTC transactions.

Coca-Cola dispensing machine is collected using wood, touch screen, water pump, and raspberry pi, According to the report. As shown in the video shared by its producer, the customer has to scan a QR code which seems to be processed BTC payment.

After paying, the machine gives the soft drink to the customer. In order to send a BTC payment as soon as possible, the developer used the Lightning Network (LN) while paying a negligible amount in the transaction fee.

Only A Proof-Of-Concept

At present, the LN-enabled amount solutions are in the early stages of development. The LN-operated BTC payment processor produced by Brazilian programmer (Ricardo Rice) also appears to be a proof-concept at this point and is not affiliated with the Coca-Cola Company.

LightningPeach, Bitfury

Notwithstanding these issues, the ongoing development of the LN protocol has worked on micro-payment solutions in a big way. Last month, the Norwegian block-based block firm Bitfury announced that its engineering team (Lightning Peach) has produced a device that is connected to the LN coffee machine.

Similarly, Brazilian programmers created evidence-off-concept for LN-enabled BTC payment processors, The device of Lightning Peach has a small credit card-shaped Raspberry Pi computer and a purpose-built circuit board, which allows vending machines to accept payment in cryptocurrency and give coffee.

Explaining how the coffee machine processes BTC payments, LightningPeach’scommunity head, Vasyl Grygorovych.

With a small computer and a chip, which is assembled by us or is easy to reproduce. Compared with credit cards, paying with cryptocracies is easy because you do not need your credit card, you just need your mobile device.”

LightningPeach Community Leader


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