Testing for Ethereum’s Upcoming Hard Fork Is Being Delayed

Testing for Ethereum’s Upcoming Hard Fork Is Being Delayed

Ethereum Core Developers announced the delay in plans to launch Constantinople, the upcoming system-wide upgrade of Ethereum on Test Network Ropsten on Thursday.

As stated in a tweet by Peter Szilagyi, the team leads in the Ethereum Foundation, the main reason for delay is to provide more time for customers – computer servers supporting “nodes” or Ethereum networks – to individuals and businesses – A vulnerability was found in one of five Constantinople elevations.

In addition to this, Delay will also provide place to test other Ethereum projects for Ropsten users – such as off-chain scaling solution Raiden – to prepare for potential network segmentation which may result from the implementation of Constantinople.

Known as a “hard fork”, which included changes in codec, code execution, data collection etc. in the upgrade including Constantinople. Active nodes of the Ropston testnet will need to apply these changes at once, or the risk will need to be divided into two separate block chains.

As a result, Lefteris karapetsas, a developer of the Raiden Network, told Ethereum developers in a public forum that due to a possible network split for a temporary period on Ropston, “the project would be almost impossible to test”, which would be ” Close, “In response to an open call for input on the postponement date.

To avoid intentional complications on the Ethereum testnet, an idea proposed by Ethereum core developer Alexey Akhunov as a substitute was to launch a separate temporary testnet to Ropsten and clear problems in the code before further implementation by the existing users of Ropston Network Had to solve .

The new release date for Constantinople on Ropsten is now scheduled for October 14, which is estimated to be 4.23 million blocks, as agreed by the original developers and testnet users together.

And as warned by Szilagyi, any delay will push Ethereum core developers into a busier session called Devon, going to the developer conference of their busy fourth year, which was scheduled for October 30 in Prague.

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