Binance Pushes Blockchain Charity Foundation at DELTA Blockchain Conference, Sets Sights On Africa, UN

Binance Pushes Blockchain Charity Foundation at DELTA Blockchain Conference, Sets Sights On Africa, UN

Malta’s situation is increasing rapidly as a paradise for the crypto industry, because the smaller European Union island nation has wrapped up its DELTA Summit, which is a three-day conference on all things.

The purpose of the conference is to advertise Malta’s crypto-industry-friendly law, “Promoting [BlockChain] technology and its related business opportunities”.

The big players in the crypto industry were present in DELTA, which included Binance, who had recently proclaimed the creation of Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF). The new foundation convened its first board meeting in New York City recently when present at the United Nations General Assembly.

BCF Chief Helen Hai has recently announced Forbes that the Foundation wants to raise $ 100 million next year. It is claimed that Blockkeen is right for technology charity because it represents “game-changing development in which it can reduce or eliminate transaction costs on a large scale”. Their statements come at a time when traditional donations are facing serious criticism of being opaque and ineffective.

According to Hai, BEF is already being offered “funding from other crypto giants”, and “philanthropy is focusing on Africa as a pilot to begin the project”. “CZ” of Binance’s (Changpeng Zhao) will be a keynote speaker at Blockchains of Sustainable Development Conference at the end of this month.
The TRON Foundation, also in attendance at DELTA, is reported to have pledged “a significant amount” to the newly formed BCF.

Support at the Highest Level
Malta seems to be wholly embracing the nascent crypto industry, perhaps to magnify its tiny geopolitical presence by beating the rest of the world to it.
This spectacular scene draws a significant contrast with certain cryptocurrency supporters on Puerto Rico, which has been seen as something potentially exploited.

Historically, Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat recently dedicated a part of his speech to the Gospel campaign against the possible humanitarian uses of blockchain technology in front of the UN General Assembly, and the new informal name of Malta was called “blockchain island” Declared. The PM even went to far as to claim that cryptocurrencies are “the inevitable future of money”.

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